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    Question Exercising

    Ok.. so despite the fact that I haven't been feeling anywhere near 100% lately (though I can't remember the last time that I did at all, really!).... I ventured a go at doing some (what I thought was) light exercise yesterday.

    I have an eliptical machine and I used it quite frequently years ago before I started having symptoms... I never got rid of it because I tend to like working out at home better recently rather than at a gym.

    So, yesterday... I did 10 minutes... that's right TEN minutes... not a lot by any means, or so I thought. I felt pretty decent afterwards, a bit winded and I'd gotten my heartrate up, so I thought that was good progress for the first day of exercise in about six months. Felt ok last night also. Woke up this morning and my legs were a bit sore when going down the stairs, but it was that "good" sore you feel from working out. As the day went on today, it progressively got worse. I went grocery shopping after work and it was painful and nearly impossible to go up and down the TWO steps from my back door landing to the kitchen! While preparing dinner.... I had to sit down at the table to prep food, it was too painful to stand at the counter. Now, I'm all about functioning within my means and listening to my body (hence the sitting down), but this scares me a bit. I know the body needs time to rest and rebuild after exercise, but my "rest period" seems far too long. Prior to my marriage in 2008, I hired a personal trainer at the local YMCA and we noticed that I had extremely long recovery periods and I wasn't gaining energy from the exercise. When I was younger, after a week or two into a new routine, I'd start feeling so much better because I was more active.... this time I noticed I just felt worse and worse each time! And I know from those past experiences that this soreness is going to last at least another two days - possibly more! It's certainly something I'm going to bring up to the rheumy at my appointment in a couple weeks, but I wanted to get others' opinions and see if you guys had similar experiences. My whole body seems extra fatigued today, like, just sitting here typing is too much, by back and shoulders and neck start to ache from the position, I have to stop every couple minutes and move / stretch.

    Just frustrated with my body and scared that perhaps there's something more than just the lupus at work here... any thoughts?

    Edited: Also, anything that requires my to utilize / contract my quads (thigh muscles) is excrutiating. The movement of sitting down, getting up from a sitting position, etc... =( This really sucks.
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