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    Default email addresses :)

    hey guys , how are you all today? I dont know if you all mind, but I would like to get your email addresses. Ihave so much of nice and inspirational emails i would like to to forward to you guys, PLUS keep in touch through chat, like msn messenger or gmail talk. When i am at work i get so much trouble to get access to this site, blame the IT manager..blah..and I do have chat and would love to chat with you guys so that we can all relate to eachother from time to time. IF you are interested, you can email me or post your email addresses here. Thank you

    My email is at

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    I am hoping that this thread was not ignored and that members chose to respond to you personally
    There may be many who do not wish to provide their personal e-mails on a public forum! Let me know if you go any responses.
    Also, member who do not have an issue with others knowing their e-mail addresses will usually put that information in their profiles.

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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