Hay everyone sorry i haven't been on here in long time, been losing myself in facebook farming!!!! LOL

well little update on me!!
- been in alot of pain, and ever soo slightly depressed and extremely fatigued!!
- but hopefully things are looknig on the up!! went to remu in floods tears and i tihnk things are finally on the move!!
- they took me off sufasalazine and duxloxetine because they were making sick, they took me off plaquenil after a report back from the options saying i had discolourtation at the back of my eyes!
-but they did give me a steriods injection and back on 5mg a day steriods!!
-then they have done some reffering this sat 20th feb i'm gonig for a EMG/Nerve cunduction studies test, on the 25th of march i'm going for assessment to see about going on Rituximab! and i'm still waiting for appointment for eye clinic at hosp and i am actually being reffered to St Thomas's in london which i look forward to!

i also went to my gp about feeling so depressed but with everything gonig on they didn't want to prescribe me something else which i'm so he has reffered me to a group called Expert Patient Programme thier tagline is a a free course for people living with longterm health conditions which looks very interesting indeed!!

well thats everything medical other than that not alot alot of pj days with the regular days out to hospital for warfin check and rare occasssion out at local pub!

soo what have i missed??? and has anyone else had a EMG/ Nerve conduction studies test or been put on Rituximab???