Hi, I have been obviously diagnosed with SLE(so that's 5 years with this disease now), which is why I'm here. My doctor has cut my prednisone so much it's like I'm not even taking it anymore. He told me to take half a small pill every two days. I know this sounds bad but, I cut myself completely off from the prednisone. I have been going more than half a year without taking the pill. I have rarely gotten sick and, when I did, I never fully became sick. I got some sniffles but then I automatically get better. So, my immune system is functioning perfectly. When I went to the doctors and had my urine checked, everything was perfect. I am planning to tell my specialist on my next visit that I haven't been taking my meds.
So, what do you guys think this means? Are my symptoms delaying? Am I cured? Thoughts?