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Thread: Interesting Article about Doctors

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    Default Interesting Article about Doctors

    Here's a snippet from the article...

    If you feel rushed when seeing a doctor, you probably have a bad doctor. If you do not get the tests to determine the state of your health or if the doctor does not take the time to listen to you, go through your records, and provide a good diagnosis you have a bad doctor. A doctor is bad if he does not devote himself to keeping you healthy.

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    I loved this article.
    When we first moved to San Antonio 18 years ago, we signed up with one of those big doctor's groups that took our HMO. We stayed with the same PCP for 13 years. When I started having health problems, I went in with my laundry list of symptoms. She only addressed the first one that I mentioned. When I tried to ask about my other symptoms and wondered whether they might be related, she brushed me off and told me that I would have to make a separate appointment for each problem that I wanted addressed. I had to keep asking her about my strange sores before she finally got exasperated with me and sent a sample to the lab. She seemed very surprised that it had T-cells. She diagnosed it as Lymphomatoid Papilosis and just said that we needed to keep an eye on it. When I asked if I should see a dermatologist, she said that she could handle it and wouldn't give me a referral. I now know that it was an AI skin problem, and I probably could have had a diagnosis several years earlier if I could have seen a decent dermatologist. We figured out that the doctor's group was getting more money if the docs didn't order tests or refer patients to specialists.
    We finally ditched that group and found a great PCP who had a private practice with her two friends, all good docs. She listened to my laundry list, did all kinds of tests and started sending me out to specialists to actually find out what was going on.
    We have definitely seen the bad example noted in this article and the good doctor that we all look for.

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