hi again everyone,

So i noticed these reddish/purple marks on one toe on each of my feet about a week ago.Its flush with the skin and it just looks like a blister but under my skin. I have one mark on the toe next to my big toe and the other is on my third toe on the side. But i also noticed aside from these well pronounced marks.. i have these tiny slightly reddish but more white bumps at the base of my toes and a little but on them.. on both feet.. Now also these week i had 2 nights that were back to back where i woke up in the middle of the night with extreme itching/burning on my toes. One night i got up and looked at them and saw that all my toes were swollen and red and really hot! i have no idea if all of these things are just one problem . but when i looked up the swollen and burning hot toes i got something called erythromelalgia( which has something to do with blood vessels. It says to help with the discomfort elevate your feet and uncover them.. needless to say about 20 minutes after i did this.. they felt better!. They havent really bothered me in a couple of days.. but i did see my dr. today briefly for the marks on my toes.. She thinks that it is a fungus...i dont really see how it could be? but im not the dr here. She gave me some type of cream to help. But im kinda convinced that the purple marks are a seperate problem from the "fungus" marks on my toes. And mind you I am a clean person and always wear socks and my feet dont really sweat at all... They are always FREEZING cold along with my nose and hands! They actually turn blue!! so i dont know what to think. I was just curious to see if maybe any else has had these issues. Also, something interesting today to is IM usually always cold but today i was unusually colder and fatigue just hit me HARD out of no where as well as head pain ( and a burning feeling on my forehead and face over to my left ear) ughhh so many problems!! but i took my temperature and it was at 99.4... which is a bit high for me... im usually between 97-98. hmmm..but anyway please share any comments or stories of yours.. thanks to all !