None of my healthy friends understand. Please - I'm only venting here - it's negativity - and you don't need to read... ugh. Just need to get this out.

I made less in ONE YEAR than my ex makes in one 2 week paycheck... and now that we're divorced (b/c he couldn't take being with a sick woman).... I'm just even more financially on my own and more without help or support than ever.

Today I swallowed my pride and finally went to ask for some assistance... I spent SIX HOURS (feeling sick) today waiting for some help today - general assistance while I'm waiting for my disability - which has been approved- but has yet to actually begin coming (the wait is another 6-8 months after approval usually) ... only to be told that I cannot qualify b/c I haven't quit school b/c I'm still enrolled for ONE credit hour... and b/c of that I cannot get it... though I'm disabled... then I asked to speak to a supervisor... at that point -no food - no water after 6 hours etc - I started crying - *projectile crying* and the supervisor told me that I should stop crying b/c my story sounds too unbelievable and that I seem disingenuous and she's disapproving me for any help or assistance or any temporary state aid b/c I seem like I'm lying b/c someone with my education etc should be able to take care of herself.