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Thread: Another newbie....

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    Default Another newbie....

    Hi all!

    My name is Shannon. I like long walks on the beach, dinner by candle light..... wait, wrong board!!!
    I am a 34 yr. Mom to two rotten boys.

    I am either sick or just flying solo to Crazy-ville. I'm currently undiagnosed.

    About 2.5-3 years ago, I developed high blood pressure. I wasn't overweight, nor does HBP run in the family.
    I was also getting headaches. I broke out in a rash on my face, but not in any particular pattern.

    We were in the process of selling our home and moving out of state. I didn't bother to make time to see a Doctor.
    Within a few months of our move I found a new Doctor.
    My BP was was 160/100. I was given Benicar. I was also told I more than likely was just having an allergic reaction to something and given Prednisolone for 5 days.

    Since then I've had:
    4 more *allergic reactions* I was given prednisolone every time.
    I've fainted 3 times
    My forehead is now covered in brown and white, spotted patches after a day in the pool.
    Sore knees, ankles, elbow and oddly, a middle finger.
    Monthly cycles that want to last sometimes for 20- 40 days or just not at all.
    Since moving, I've developed allergies that never go away.
    I've gotten random canker sores, and more than usual amount of fever blisters.
    The glands in my neck are always swollen and now, my nodes in my groin area are a little swollen.
    Sometimes, My face just gets bright red and hot to the touch.
    I am so tired, but yet I haven't done anything.
    Hair loss, well, more like hair thinning.
    I'm a pretty organized person, but I've started making lists because I've been forgetting things lately.

    I've been able to push past these things because I can justify every ailment. Canker sores- too much OJ, Face is red-anxiety, Sore joints- too active, Forgetfulness- my Grandfather had Alzheimer's....... The list goes on... Clear as mud, huh?

    After having a pretty nasty cold, and joint pain for about 3 months I finally went to my General practitioner for a FLU test. It came back negative, but she did an Ana, rheumatoid and a CBC test.

    My ANA came back positive and I was referred to an Internal Meds. Spec. He did an ANA Cascade test along w/ others and sent me to the hospital for X-rays.
    I received a call this past Friday requesting I come back in for further testing on Wednesday. I had some blood work come back positive with high numbers. A ds dna test came back positive. Not sure what it all means , but here I am. My GP had brought up Lupus and my IMS mentioned Sjogren's Syndrome.

    Today, I feel good. My knees are a little sore , but not even worth taking Tylenol. My skin is acting up.
    I have read so much and feel silly that I am even on a message board. Everyone seems to be in a lot of pain and I don't feel that way. I don't have all the symptoms of Lupus. I do feel like when I get one symptom, more follow and I feel unwell. Then they all go away, except one or 2 minor things and I feel much better.

    Is is possible to have false negatives? Or, positives, but not have an illness? I might add that my Father and Grandmother have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I believe My GP ruled that out by blood work, but I am not definite.

    Is someone going to chase me down w/ a straight jacket?? I almost feel like a hypochondriac, but then I feel like I'm wasting the Doctor's time and my $$$$.

    Thanks for suffering thru this post.

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    hi shannon,

    do not worry about us "suffering" through posts...that is what we do best.

    welcome, welcome, welcome to happy you found us.

    You asked about the possibility of a positive lab result and not have the illness. I know that you can have a positive ANA for an auto immune disease, and not have enough physical symptoms for a diagnosis. I know that the lab results will change according to medications and/or whether or not you are in a flare.

    It certainly sounds to me like you are having flares - it is common for my flares to start with one symptom that is my signal for an oncoming flare, and then several more to follow. Then, most everything is gone with a couple of lingering aches and pains.

    I am glad that you are seeing a rheumatologist....i don't believe you are wasting their time or your money....

    And if they come after you with a straight jacket, just say the word lupus and they will stop chasing you.

    i can tell that you are going to be a great member....i look forward to lots of laughs at your humor.

    share a smile today

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    First of all, WELCOME.
    I have to agree with Phyllis, I did not SUFFER through your post. I am glad you have joint WHL, it is an awesome forum.
    We are here for each other and are here to listen.
    I don't think that you are a hypo, it is just sometimes very hard to dx lupus.
    I don't think it is a waste of time or money to find out, what is wrong with you.
    And like Phyllis I like your funny way of writing, don't loose your sense of humor.

    I may have been dealt a bad hand, but at least I'm still playing with a full deck. ( most of the time anyway).

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    I also didnt suffer through your post...WELCOME!!! So glad you found us and i like the way you write also...walks on the beach , mom of 2 rotten boys Sense of humour really does help. As you will see many member swill help you here and listen to you...i will probably just waffle n read,but i'll help where i can .
    Take it slow.

    I am still here,just been on new meds so unable to function like i used to.I will pop back,just know im thinking of you all and hoping you are keeping on keeping on.xxxxxxx

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    I have to ditto what everyone else has said...there is no such thing as suffering through any posts here. I am so happy that you found us and that you decided to join our family. You've already seen how comforting and understanding our members are and you've come to the right place to find answers and information.
    Welcome To Our Family!

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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