so its 1 AM right now and yet again I am awoken by my toes itching like mad and burning for the second night in a row.. i decide to actually get out of bed and go look at them and when i did...holy crap!.. my toes were all red and swollen and HOT to the touch. I have no idea what this is all about. All i know is that a couple of days ago this purple/reddish blister looking mark appeared on one of my toes and they look all dry and cracked and now all this started..ofcourse i looked this up and it says that its Erythromelalgia...some kind of rare blood vessel issue ... i get this same hot burning feeling in my ears and face often to but i didnt ever have it on my toes until this past week. Had no idea what it was but ofcourse upon my reading it says it could be a part of SLE...well i must say im NOT suprised in the slightest bit! every single symptom i seem to put it points right to LUPUS. Im as you could guess undiagnosed but was about 80% sure i had lupus before this started and now im really just starting to feel completely convinced!!! I mean common i have ALL of the symptoms. Im SO tired and really upset that i cant even get some sleep at night because of all these issues im having. I currently dont have health insurance but beleive me I am working on it ASAP!! I really dont think i can take much more of these unanswered symptoms! I keep developing these crazy weird things . MAybe I would be a little bit happier if all this crap didnt interfere with my little sleep that i get already. Im sorry im ranting and raving!! But im sure you can all understand how im feeling because i bet im not the only one going through this right now.Well i hope you are all sleeping peacefully!!!!