I actually have not been on this site in years. Life has taken over lol I actually had my 3rd child back in January 2015 and ever since then between the pregnancy and breastfeeding I was pretty well off. I noticed about a year ago driving up the road one day with a friend that I had this burning on my neck and she asked me if I had any problems with skin rashes. I said No, why? She said there were spots there and at the time it itched and burned. I saw the PCP who said it was hives and not fungal and sent me home with a cream. I never used it as the itching and burning stopped and I went on. Here we are a year later though and what used to be hives looks more like plaques to me. Problem is the closest Dermatologist is an hour or so away and I'm home with kids homeschooling all the time. So, I've been putting that off due to distance and never thought of it as a "priority" since I wasn't having any other issues. I'm going to share a few photos and somebody please tell me what they think. I have gotten the typical malar rash before and am very photosensitive but I've never had anything else. I also have Raynaud's etc.

Any ideas?