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Thread: Hello from Alabama, newbie

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    Default Hello from Alabama, newbie

    Hello, I just found out that my ANA blood test was positive and high. My internist referred me to a neurologist, I reckon because I have severe migraines and back problems.

    I have alot of the symptoms, low grade fever, joint pain, muscle pain, migraines, rash, skin problems.

    I won't see the neurologist until Sept.29. Seems it's always hurry up and wait with doctors. Been seeing tons of them for my back, not much fun.

    Are there any Alabama folks here? Would like to talk to people in my area.

    I am 41, F, happily married with two cairn terriers (my little hounds )
    and have two step-daughters 17 & 19.

    My hubby is Air Natl' Guard, has been for 30 yrs. They just escaped base re-alignment with the B.R.A.C. commission. Had us wondering for 3 months if he would have a job.

    I am pretty disabled with my back, and now this Lupus. I spend most of my time online, have a back pain support board, and have plenty of time to chat.

    Looking forward to meeting folks here.

    Hugs, Blossom
    I had an ANA test which my internist said was high and he is referring me to a Neurologist for further testing. He is concerned I have Lupus because of the testing and the symptoms.

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    I hope you're well away from the hurricane damage, which is so horrible across the south.

    Your doc visit on the 29th should be helpful, take a long list of questons with you - give one copy to your doc - and expect him/her to answer questions. Don't let the doc spend 5 minutes and push you out the door, you need to get answers, even an honest "I don't know" but you need to find someone to talk to about symptoms and questions.

    There are ways to help control and reduce frequency of migraines, especially now that they know one of the causes.

    Many hugs, dear, and welcome to our circle!

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    Hi Blossom :lol:

    A very warm welcome to you, we are glad that you are here!
    Please let us know how your appointment goes on the 29TH

    Peace and Blessings

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    Default Newbie

    Welcome Blossom! I found this board as I have been "pre-lupus" as termed by my rheumatologist for the past 4 years. Just got a firm diagnosis of lupus in July of this year.

    I also have an appt on the 29th but this is what I do to prepare -
    I make a detailed list of concerns/questions
    Include a list of any updated meds or supplements you take
    Do research on any area that you want to present to your doctor including printouts from the internet.
    I agree with Saysusie...don't let the dr. spend 5 min and then push you out the door. You have waited all this time for your appt and you want to make the most of it.

    What types of symptoms do you have? I'm currently undergoing chemotherapy for lupus of the brain. It hasn't been pleasant but not as bad as I feared. Was previously on methotrexate and Plaquenil.

    Let us know how your appt goes on the 29th!

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