Ok I think I am starting to peice this together.

Here's my story -

I went to my primary because of joint pain and my sister encouraged me because she has RA (the point being I wasn't dying) the dr ran the ana tests and it came positive with a positive ds DNA - this was about a year ago. I developed mouth sores in the spring and summer, on and off and mild joint pains now and then (some times pretty painful but short in duration) and scalp sores, a few skin sores.

then I think I expereienced my first 'flare' but am only now calling it that. I spent the labor day weekend doing yard work, was in the sun two days, the following week was miserable, dry eys (couldn't see, couldn't oopen them, very sensitive to light - it was rediculously debilitating), also, GERD flared up, couldn't eat, lost 10 lbs, thowing up and the trots, then I develped a cough and breathing pains. All of this was in early September and I sought treatment and little by little things were brought under control, by December 1st I was feeling much better and eating almost normally.

Now I feel almost great! I'm not on plaquinell (taking a break because of the ear ringing) I have only a few small sores in my mouth and scalp -

now, I read that it is common to experience 2-3 flares a year. Is that consistant with you're experience? And do they usually last about six weeks?

Also, when I flare again will it be the same way for me? Dry eyes, GERD, asthma (or whatever that was)? Or can it be completly different. I guess I mean to ask not what will it be for me but what is it for you, do your flares always start out with the same symptoms?