Hello everyone. I've been reading this for a while and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm learning about lupus as I go. I've been diagnosed with sle but it's also hit my cns so I have lots of seizures and visual disturbances and other fun things.

I knew I had lupus a few years ago because I have every symptom in the book (luckily not all at once) but never had medical insurance all through my university studies... and when I finally had medical insurance I drug myself to the rheumy and low and behold - a diagnosis was made. She is a good woman too - and I trust her.

Anyway- I'm pleased to introduce myself and get to know you. Hopefully your sage advice will come in handy. I know far less about lupus than most of you - but far more about crappy medical care and being uninsured but sick for the last 15 years than I care to.