My story started when i was in my twenties, i would get rashes on my chest and have low grade fevers and fatigu and couldn't keep food in gi tract for long.l they put me on beta blockers, anit depresants, was on that until i got pregnant at age 29.

after i had my son everything went away until 2005 got so dehydrated went to er they said i had a infection in gi tract gave me antibiotics sent me on my way.
went to gi dr. he ran every test there was said i had something wrong with my auto immune systems go see a rheumy. so i did he said he couldn't find anything go see the internists. so i did she had me pay money to send blood work to auto immune disease lab in ca to run test. well they found i had lupus. so for all those years of thinking i was depressed had ibs and rashes an fevers for no reasons and an the fatigue wasn't in my head.

so now i am in my early forties divorced live with a great man and two of my children oldest stepson on his own. have a job that my boss understands what i have an is patient with me when i am in a flare. i
i went to pain doctor who told me i have fibromylia an osteoarthritis and my nerves running down my legs aren't working right so i take tramadol for the pain for now. i tried plaquinal made me to sick so i stopped. my hair is falling out an is curly now i had poker straight hair. all an all i wake up every morning and thank whoever that i woke up and i could be alot worse than i am.