hi everyone. i'm very new here.

here's my story. i'm a 19 year old college student & i think i may have lupus. my mother who is 42 has lupus. she's had it for as long as i've been born. throughout the years, i've seen here happy, sad, etc..all due to her lupus. she takes multiple meds in the morning. i've seen here jumping around like a 5 year old, and some days it hurts to get out of bed. not only does my mom have lupus, but my 2 aunts also have. (my mom's sister & my dad's sister.)

last summer (09), i discovered a growth on the top of my scalp. i went to a derm. who later performed surgery to remove it. turns out that it wasn't cancerous, it was just a wart. then off to college for the fall semester, i went. i felt fatigued all the time, and if i wasn't studying/eating, i was sleeping. i'd never felt this way before!! as a college student, i just determined that it was stress from school and my other extracurricular activities. towards the end of october, i noticed that a rash had developed on my left eyelid. i just thought it was a little rash & that it would go away. well, it didn't. feeling tired as ever, i continued on throughout the semester, miserable. also from my extracurricular activities, i began to lose weight...which was kinda weird because i exercised, but it wasn't extreme. "why am i losing weight like this?" maybe my appetite was changing, after all, i did become nauseous most of the night. that was extremely weird also, because it seemed like every night i would be nauseous for no reason at all!! nausea is not a game. home for christmas break, i'd sit downstairs on the couch, and my knees hurt bad. not only did my knees hurt, but my shoulders as well. "i'm not old, why are my knees bothering me so much?, i thought." it began to get a little cold outside, and my skin on my face, only my face, became dry. with my mother sitting across from me at the kitchen table, she asked,"what's that on your face?" i sorta brushed it off "as just dry skin". then she looked me deadd in my eye, and said, "i think you have lupus.. i really do." instantly, i became worried. when someone who has had lupus for 20+ years, says that...you don't take it lightly. i have a doctors appt. on the 29th of january.
please tell me what you think? do you think i have lupus?
any comment is greatly appreciated.