Well so much for taking all the precautions, yesterday when I was killing time in the pc lab waiting for my class to start I ended up having another grandmal seizure(i haven't had one since i was 15)& the hospital did bloodwork & a ct of my head. Both came back normal so they gave me Adivan and sent me home. I had to come to school today because we didn't think it wise that I stay home by myself. I slept like 10 hours and Im still tired and still somewhat foggy. My rheumy is now finally deciding we should proceed with the mri & spinal tap tests due to the seizure. It sucks what we have to go through sometimes for our drs to listen! :/ She doesnt understand why the er sent me home especially only after getting a ct scan of the head & bloodwork which was normal. I did have a low grade fever of 99.3 before i left the hospital too. I have been getting them recently due to the lupus. I am very sensitive to the sun & fluorescent lights so im wondering if the lights caused the seizure?? Anyone have any input on any of this?