Hi all - hoping this post finds everyone flare free and feeing Fabulous. My question is stated above as I am in a HORRIBLE flare with some serious neurological problems such as seizure-like events, heavy duty leg issues (numbness,involuntary muscle spasms, pain, feeling of coldness), severe weakness(too weak to do much of anything), intense pressure-like headaches and eye pain, and More than usual brain fogginess/memory issues. I saw a new neuro last week and he has - thankfully - ordered a TON of tests.
But, I was wondering if anyone here has had some similar experiences. My office neuro exam showed right side weakness and a positive Babinski reflex?I am also loaded with livedo reticularis(WAY more than usual) and he said that by his exam he can tell that there is DEF something going on, but he is not sure WHAT yet. Had EEG done which was asbnormal as well, but showed no definite seizure (having another one done).
In the past, I have learned more about my disease from my fellow Lupies here, than in most any doctors office, and was just hoping someone could shed any light on the situation. Im SO bummed because I was doing relatively well for a bit, and then BAM! Back on my butt. Pain is relentless - not much working there.
Love to hear from anyone - will check in in a bit as going to get CT scan done (I personally think CT scans are a waste of time, unless one has a mass, etc. Not a great diagnostic tool, but, what the heck, right?)
Thanks in advance my friends...
Love and blessings