Hey, can I just say I am VERY glad there is an active forum for Lupus? I am 30, female, and currently in remission (fingers crossed). I was diagnosed three years ago when I was fatigues, stressed out to the max, had achy wrists, ankles, fingers and hips and my fingers were the size of bratwurst. And I had a really bad chest cold.

I thought it was just a flu I couldn't shake. My primary care took one look at me and called a rheumatologist she knew and expedited an appointment for me. It couln't have come soon enough. Within a week I was on prednisone and waiting for test results, within 2 weeks I was on hydroxychloroquinine, naprosen and cimetidine.

I was advised to lose weight, eat better and excercise more. And I did. I dropped 30 lbs, and six months later was in remission.

I've since married, bought a house and am now (depending on some test results to be run later this month) hoping to have children in the next year.

And I have learned to make every day count. That even though my body is my enemy, I have to show it that I am the alpha, I decide how to live it.

Thought even as I say that, I've already posted about sudden hair loss and weight gain...