Hi...I am a 30 year old mom and grad student that was diagnosed with lupus nephritis stage 4 in Oct 2007. Initially, because I worked a fulltime job, I had insurance and was on Cytoxan once a month as treatment, but have not been on anything since July 2008 when I decided to leave my job and the city I was in and attend graduate school. In the last three months or so, I have not been able to absorb any foods the right way, I have had a problem with my stomach for a while (also not having a gallbladder) but the stomach issue has gotten to a point that I have often have trouble making it to the bathroom before there is spillage of stool and I am so naseus that eating has become unbearable. In the last year, I had gained a good portion of weight back from being on chemo and am wondering if I will start losing weight again because food is not being absorbed adequately. Doctors never could explain the enlarged lymph nodes all over my body, including my armpits, stomach, groin areas, and I do not know what is causing this massive (feels like it is glass cutting in my stomach) pain and am getting pretty scared that going back in the workforce is going to quite difficult as I have not been able to have a go-go-go routine in over 3 years (my last job I was allowed to telecommute 2 days a week). Thanks for any help you all can give me at this point.