Ok so I know I gripe a lot about my symptoms and blah blah but I have had carpal tunnel for a few years now but it's just now getting to the surgical point in my left hand, thank God I'm right handed. I was at the neurologist yesterday and he highly recommended surgery, and he's not one for surgery at all. I'm worried about it because of the recovery time. I have had a lot of decreased strength and in things I can do or grip but I'm scared. The recovery time is about two weeks before you can do anything with it and then at least 6 weeks until you can do any heavy lifting and such. Since my job requires me to lift a lot of heavy things, this sucks. I was out last year for 6 weeks from my gallbladder surgery and that SO sucked. Anyway, was wondering if anybody else has/had carpal tunnel and/or the surgery and what your experiences are. Thanks.