I forgot to tell you guys that I am now having pain in both knees and my right shoulder. I got a job at Walmart and had to quit it because I cannot stand for too long without my feet and legs burning. I mean really burning as if my feet were going to explode. Has anybody felt that? I don't want to give in to this disease but it is slowly creeping up and causing me to cry more and be a little depressed. I am not used to sitting home doing nothing. That makes me feel even worse. I want to live. I don't want to spend my life in bed and on meds. I am now taking Methotrexate by needle because the pills were making me sick. Any pills I take, except for Motoprolol and Warfarin, make me sick. I tell my Rheumy and she tries me on something else and guess what?
That makes me sick, too. Boo hoo. O well, God is still good. The funny thing is that when I am feeling at my worst, someone will tell a story that is far worse than mine and then I feel greatful for being alive- even in pain.