I started to get a migraine about 3pm yesterday I took 3 asprin which didn't work, so I took 1 and a half 7.5 hydrocodone which did nothing. I felt like I could feel my pulse everywhere in my body plus see and hear it. So my hubby took me to the ER around 11 pm. I really hate going there! They gave me Tordol, Phenergan, Dilaudid and new migraine med called DHE. Has anybody else heard of this medicine? It worked well and pretty fast. I also told the ER DR. that I was having between 20 and 30 migraines a month and my insurance only pays for 9 Zomig a month. Besides only giving 9, you have to take one at onset and one an hour later. So they only give me enough for 4 headaches.How rediculous is that? How am I supposed to cope with a migraine I can't get rid of except 4 times a month unless I go t the ER? I don't want to go to the ER every night but I cn't deal with these migraines. and I'm talking about full blown migraines, nausea, vomiting, dizzy, blurry vision, extremely light and sound sensitive. Just utterly miserable! The ER Dr. is a really nice guy and I have known him for years, he wants me to discuss a different profilactic med with my primary. He can see how horrible I am suffering and agrees it is no kind of quality of life. He is emailing my Dr. some suggestions. I sure hope we can find something that works! The amitryptylene worked for my migraines but unfortunately gave me severe stomach pains, so I had to stop that.

Was wondering if anybody else has been given DHE for migraines? If so how did it work? It is only given in the ER or Drs. office as it is an injection. Looking for some input and will be looking forward to hearing from everyone!