Well I was doing a little better! My primary put me on a blood pressure med to combat and prevent the migraines. He said it might take a few days to a few weeks to kick in. I have mad 4 ER trips for horrid migraines. Man that really sucked. I started my prednison taper down from 20 mg as my joints were feeling better and thought maybe the plaquenil had kicked in. Well no such luck I got down to 12 mg yesterday and this morning was utter hell. I woke up and could not open my hands at all. My hubby rubbed lotion on them and massaged them open for me. How sweet is that? God I love that man!! My hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, hands, feet, ankles, and ribs are absolutely killing me today. So I raised my pred. back to 15mg and will reamin there for a while if it helps the pain that is. Otherwise back to 20mg. I am also losing a whole lot of hair. it is very noticeable to. Clumps of hair fall out in the shower and theare is so much hair on my pillows and anywhere I sit. I think I'm going to go bald again. I had a flare in 2000 that made me lose all but a little of my hair. I was basically bald. not looking forward to that happening again. Might have to get the wig back from my aunt.

We did have an ok Christmas I suppose. We sprung for a new microwave. That was our present to eah other. My hubby did get me a sweatshirt and a long sleeve T shirt of the WSU Cougars. Yeah GO COUGS! we had his mother over for Chrstmas she is 84 and has really bad dimensia. It is really hard to talk to her as she can not say what she means to say. She changes the subject and doesn't comprehend hardly anything we say. It's really hard to see her like that. I made a Ham wth a cranberry glaze which turned out absolutly yummy! We did finally get a tree. We went up to the mountains just a few miles out of town and cut down a little 4 ft fir tree. Its cute! We put it up on Christmas day put some lights on it and thats as far as I got. No decorations as I was just to pooped to do anything. The migraines just wipe me out so much not to mention my vitamin d levels are in the tank.

Here is hoping that 2010 will be a much better and healthier year!
Much love to everybody on WHL!