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Thread: HIPAA Violation

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    Question HIPAA Violation

    I had outpatient surgery done yesterday at our community's only hospital.

    As I was awaiting release, a woman/employee went by, making a point to look in to my room and catch my eye. The employee is a friend of DH's ex-wife and previously made comments to me post court hearings.

    I am as certain as I am of my name that this woman has shared my medical information and probably my employment info with the ex. The problem is in proving it. I am not one to file grievances/complaints willy nilly, but I feel very strongly about this.

    Should I contact the privacy officer at the hospital anonymously about their employee violating HIPAA laws or should I provide my name/date of surgery, etc. even though I don't have much to go on except gut instinct? Should I approach this is as a "prove to me that the employee DIDN'T violate HIPAA" or what????

    What would you do?
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    Hmmm, an interesting dilemma. I probably don't have to tell you that the burden of proof lies with you. Is there anything, any way of obtaining some actual proof? I can think of a few methods you could use to obtain this, but I would not want to talk about it in a public forum, as the parties you suspect could very well come here and read this.

    As far as staying anonymous, I would first pursue this anonymously, and see what can be accomplished that way. If you find that you will need to identify yourself, then you certainly can decide if you want to provide your identification or not. I believe in these situations, it's best to keep your cards close, and don't divulge anything unless, or until, you have to.

    If your instincts tell you this person has violated your privacy, I would trust it, and pursue the issue. Send me a PM if you want, and we'll talk.


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