I just thought I would add important thing's I did not discuss in my opening Thread. Karen is a 27 year survivor of SLE. Currently to date Karen is waiting for dialysis (Peritoneal). She was supposed to start this a month ago but Karen ended up having a heart attack in Nov 2009. Karen's right artery had closed up and They had to implant two stent's to fix the problem. Yes, Karen has dodged another bullet. And Karen's heart doctor felt it may be caused by the Lupus. But know one can pin point the cause. So we are waiting on karen's renal doctor to set up the appointment for the Cath-line Surgery. Karen had just gotten off plavix 2 weeks ago and boy was she bruising all over the place from this medication. Karen normally bruises easy because of SLE and this just enhanced the problem. Karen's glad to be off Plavix. She has two of the best doctor's I think that know that Karen and I play a major role in her success. For I am the one who is the spoke person at the hospital for when Karen is to sick to talk. I believe that if you know the signs and symptom's of lupus, you know a lot about medicine, for lupus can attack every organ in your body and bone's included. I have to make sure that hospital staff are in tune with Karen's special needs and attention.I have to know her medication's better then Karen But Karen does most of the work by excepting her illness and dealing with it head on. And it has been noted that "Depression can cause lupus symptom's to flare more frequently." So Karen does not get depressed. She hardly even talks about it. But I think that's my job to do because she has enough to worry about. And Karen's doctor's seem to appreciate my knowledge of Karen's illness and my participation for it has shown to be a factor in some case's. So Karen and I are waiting for this Dialysis thing to happen cause she can feel the uremic poisoning going through her system and Karen's been feeling real tired all the time. But when I tell her she should let her doctor's know this she say's "I'm not in no rush for this". And I don't blame her but from my research and forum support, I know that Dialysis can relieve patients from these symptom's. But it's Karen's decision and she's done a good job so far and I'm here to back Karen up.
Looking forward to sharing more stories and support,