Hi geary 38, I understand your husband's "must be a huge mistake" feelings. I was (fortunately/unfortunately? depending on how you look at it) diagnosed very quickly with many positive tests. I know some wait years for an official dx. I guess the reason I asked about the drug-induced type was sort of because I, too, felt maybe it was something else. I would ask so many ?'s "How do we know it's not Rheumathoid Arthritis, rather than lupus?" and "How do we know it's not drug-induced?" I guess you try to cover all angles to make them prove they know what they're talking about. It sort of feels like being hit with a brick wall at first. Once the right regimen of meds kicks in, it will get better. Having been on other sites, I have noticed keeping a positive attitude is extremely important. As with any other health issue, it can suck you in if you let it. Hang in there - better days are coming!