So, here we are, almost 2 months post-Dx... not that that really matters too significantly being that I know I've been dealing with this for years.. However, it's somehow different this time. Perhaps it's because now I truly know what it is and "IT" has a name now... Also, I think in some weird way I was hoping that the Plaquenil would keep everything in check. Silly to think that I'd never flare again, but alas, the psyche is not always rational.

I think it was the stress of the holidays and the new weird work schedule that brought it on. I think I tried to deny it for the first few days, explaining it away as other things.. but today, I've pretty much accepted it.

I'm also concerned because my husband has come down with a bad sore throat and cough the past few days and I'm not sure what to do when I come down with a cold or anything now.. The rheumy said to email / call if I came down with anything before I went back to see him in March, I guess there's certain OTC meds I have to stay away from while on the Plaquenil (???)... So, we'll see.

I'm just feeling really defeated and disappointed I guess. This whole thing is so frustrating.....