alright I had a titer of 1:320 and negative other tests. I kept getting a red nose and cheeks in the morning and really bad localizd joint pain alo9ng with my old neuro issues so I had my doctor rerun it before I went to scripps and the titer had risen to 1:640 and possitive SSB. the doctor at scripps saw the negative and the possitive so close together that he wanted to retest along with other tests. the SSB, one week later, came up negative and my anti smooth muscle was negative with a titer of 1:20 and my dna antibodies were negative at 1:10. c reactive protiens were at 16 out of 0-10. I cant help but wonder if these tests are on there way up. anyway I cant worry about that now because my neurologist is now saying that I have evidence that both my central and peripheral have been hit at one point but despite my weakness I show signs of neither right now. he has done a skin biopsy to look for vasculitis and amyloidosis.
anyone else?