I don't know what's up. Earlier this year, the pain was almost unbearable. Now, for the past month or so, I haven't had as much pain. I thought it might be in a dormant state, but yesterday when I twisted my wrist slightly to see what would happen. It hurt to twist it and there was the usual pressure from keeping me from twisting it further. All of this could be summed up from riding rollercoasters, except that isn't the case. I only know this because even if it doesn't hurt when arm is relaxed it's the same. I have extreme doubts, but here is my reason for thinking it's going into recession:

I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 3 and it hurt. It went away for a while (8 years?), but came back. During these years though, I would still have problems when I walked. Everyone summed this up to being 'growing pains'. This continued until about 4 years ago, and it started hurting with a vengance. Now it's pretty much gone again. I still have problems running (out of shape now) and my leg aches a bit.

I have always had the same diet and although it hurts sometimes, it doesn't hurt all the time. Does anyone know why that is?

Also, I guess it's from the drastic changes in temperature (between indoors and outside), but now I have a sore throat again. This is the second one since Thanksgiving, and there are no symptoms of a cold. Strep throat maybe? Anyway, If you guys have any advice, please let me know. Anything will be helpful. Thanks ahead of time.