Hi Everyone, I am 23, and was diagnosed with lupus at age 20. I have had almost every textbook example of symptoms, plus a few extra. My main goal is to treat myself naturally thru the means of holistic practitioners and holistic reading material. I have found wonderful doctors and treatments. However, I have a problem with self discipline, and many of these health methods I have found, I have problems sticking with. Working on it! Anyway, I thought I might offer up some things that have helped several of my symptoms, for those of you looking for alternatives, or extra relief, or have yet to find something that helps....maybe something I've learned might help. Oh, and I'm sure this goes without saying, but everyone is different, and what works for one might not help the other. You just have to keep trying! So here goes:

-Chest Pain(pleurisy): I stopped eating dairy, and this almost immediately cleared up. Yoga also helped. As did seeing a chiropractor who popped me good- he even popped some ribs, whcih was a huge relief!

-Mouth Sores and Ulcers: Coptis Chinensis, a few drops in a small glass of water, swish a few seconds and swallow (very bitter!), aslo try dropping a bit directly on an ulcer(burns). Switch to natural toothpaste and mouthwash. Swish mouthwash regularly. L-lysine! Oral and topical(chapstick form).
*A note about L-lysine-I get motuh ulcers, lip sores really bad. Usually the mouth wash and topical l-lysine takes care of it, but when they get really bad, taking l-lysine orally rids my mouth of sores...and also cleared up the rash I had on my temples and forehead.

-Liver Pain: Liver cleanses of sorts, and enemas(water and coffee)
*Enemas are a tremendous source for optimal health!

-Hair loss: My friend is a hair stylist and she gets me this shampoo called Nioxin- it helps you keep the hair you still have and stimulates the hair follicles. A root spray is also available.

-Arthritis: Stop eating dairy, get tested for food allergies, yoga.

From everything I have read, and everyone I have seen- the biggest concern should be with what you put in your bodies. You literally are what you eat. You eat junk, you feel like junk. Whole foods are key. And learning your food allergies is important. This where I run into trouble, b/c I have problems cutting out or back on many foods. But finding the ones that cause the most painful symptoms is a blessing! We all have the ability to heal. I believe that whole-heartedly. Keep well all-Mollie