alright I am back. I just tested possitive for SSB but the doctor said that my titer is too low to be sjogrens and my tear test was normal. i get very dry eyes sometimes like i just smoked pot or something but I live in the desert so its a hard call. I know the SSB can develope into other things like lupus and scleraderma.

My symptoms are closer to lupus as i usually get a defuse red nose and cheeks when I am having joint pain but the other day I had the highly localized inargualbly butterfly shaped rash. I dont know why they are just letting me sit here and allow this thing to develope untreated. I know if its going to grow, itll happen anyways but isnt there something they can do to slow it down. thank god so far I have been spared the DS DNA but do I have to wait for this to get worse before they do something.

Any advice?