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Thread: "All In My Head"

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    Default "All In My Head"

    OK, just looking for a catchy title.

    So I am still trying to determine what to just chalk up as 'normal' now and what is unusual. Off and on for a few years, I get a feeling on the upper-back-left side of my head. It isn't a headache. It is just a sensation, and I can't determine if it is my scalp or something else. If I touch my scalp, the sensation goes away. It isn't always the same spot, but always in that region. Anyone else with the same?

    Thanks for listening. This is all a bit confusing still.

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    There are lots of blood vessels, arteries, muscles, nerves, and fatty tissue in the scalp. I get odd sensations in that region once in a while and, like you, I do not know what to contribute it too. I've just chalked it up to stress and dysfunction of the muscles and/or blood vessels!
    I hope you find an answer and, if you do, let me know what it is

    Peace and Blessings
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