I just recently changed when I take my medications. I now take my plaquinel in the morning. This morning I noticed that my migraine started about a half a hour after my plaquinel dose. Coincidence??? I have been having daily migraines for over a month. Is this the cause?? My primary dr. put me on zomig, but I only get 12 tabs a month and u are supposed to take 1 at onset and 1 2hrs later. That doesn't give me enough for the month. He did tell me if it doesn't help he would try a profilactic headache medication to prevent me from even getting them in the first place. Is anyone else having this problem? If so what are u doing about it? I can't function with a migraine! Noise, Lights, even dizzy & nautious. Help me please?

I see my dr on the 17th so I will let u all know what he says!
Thanks! HUGZ 2 all and 2 all a good night