Hi everyone! I'm new to this site, but I've been dealing with Lupus for a while. I was diagnosed when I was 15 and since then it's been a roller coaster from good days when I can almost forget I have Lupus to being hospitalized for weeks.
There's one question that I've been wanting to ask from people who actually have this disease (my doctors have all been very vague and tend to avoid this question... warning, it's a heavy one) Does Lupus dramatically increase changes of miscarriage? I have a family history of miscarriages (my mom had 3, aunt had 2, other aunt had 2, and grandmother had 4) and have been pregnant twice, both times have ended in miscarriage. My doctors have run multiple tests and haven't been able to find a definite cause (I've been assured many times that my endometriosis isn't the cause) beyond "these things happen." Not very comforting. I'm obviously fertile. In fact, both pregnancies occurred while I was on the birth control so they weren't exactly planned (little tip: the patch isn't as effective as you'd think and that whole "antibiotics make the pill ineffective" thing is not a rumor... tried and tested) but nonetheless I did everything by the book the minute I suspected I was pregnant and still miscarried both times.
It's frustrating not knowing if this is just "one of those things" or if Lupus is preventing me from having a successful pregnancy. I've wanting children my whole life, so knowing that I'll have to look at alternative options ahead of time would really help when I start planning a family. Has anyone else had similar problem?

Sorry, I know this is a ridiculously long post but I could really use some advice