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Thread: yeast infection?

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    Default yeast infection?

    Ladies..I have never been prone to yeast infections...I recently had a very odd occurrence...itching in the "bikini area"..not the typical y/ has now happened first I thought allergy to detergent or toilet tissue. I now think it is Lupus related? It morphs from the area being very itchy to itch/burning sensation..right where you really don't want itching and or burning! Any fellow sufferers?

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    Been there, done that.
    Monostat helps. Monostat 1 is more expensive, but it knocks it out in one day. My daughters have had more trouble with it than I have. They have always had to have Monostat on hand. If that didn't do the trick, the doc could give them a prescription for a one pill oral medication that really knocked it.
    Also, the natural remedy help is to eat lots of yogurt. You can also use plain yogurt topically (if you know what I mean).
    Hope this helps,

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    I have had more than my share of yeast infections. I get an RX for Diflucan any time I get an antibiotic. It's a one pill treatment and works well.

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    Hi Pandagirl,

    I also use plain yogurt topically and it helps cool the area =) I have also used Diflucan, Vfend, and Monostat. I also get yeast in my scalp which causes lots of dandruff very annoying!

    If you are taking antibotics you may want to consider taking a probotic every day that can help lessen the amount of yeast infections u receive.

    I would becareful using over the counter stuff often to get rid of yeast infections b/c then the yeast can become "immune" to it and the infection could get worse!

    I hope this helps



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    This is a topic I'm way too familiar with. I wish to goodness someone could produce something that can help our feminine areas stay balanced in just one easy to take pill every day! But then, with autoimmunity, I guess it's just going to be harder for some of us.

    Balance in that environment is the key and sometimes it's hard to maintain.

    With AI, sometimes nothing helps and sometimes I think it's just part of the battle with the disease. I've visited a lot of gynies who could find absolutely nothing to cause my itching. One gynie calls it a neuropathic itch, (which my pcp thinks is bs-we think it's just inflammation from this autoimmune thing) gave me a script of a low dose antidepressant to try for six months but we're still trying to figure this one out. They can't find a thing to cause the itching and yet I have it. I've been given creams to use but they lower the immunity and tah dah, give me a yeast infection or bv.

    I've been careful about what I wear, what I eat, drink, my soap, take supplements... you name it, we've tried it and I've been vigilant about it for a very long time. No one has figured it out yet and this is about the 9th year I think we've been trying to figure it out. Sometimes it is yeast, sometimes it's bv, but most of the time they can find no reason for it and yet...I'm itchy. It's just another weird thing going on with my body with no answers yet. It's there every day, but some days are worse than others.

    I want to add to the warnings about getting immune to the cures... it certainly can happen and also can help other bacteria and problems to grow.

    From what I've learned about yeast, balance is the key...folic acid could help also along with acidophilus, probiotics, etc... just be careful as you try something new. Make sure it's the only new thing you're trying and go slow, then add new things to try.

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