Been dating/living with my significant other for about 8 months. We were planning future things together. Trips, grandkids, projects. He was diagnosed with lupus about 1 1/2 years ago and had a flare up about 4 months ago that has not gotten any better. Very difficult time controlling the pain due to his profession - cannot take narcotics. Just a couple of days ago he received information from his doctor that he has two other very rare diseases. Poor prognosis. I asked if I could do anything for him and his reply was "I need to be alone. I have to deal with these illnesses and figure out what is going on." I respected his wishes and left. I did not want to. I would have been willing to stay and help him thru whatever happened and I told him that.
I just wondered if this is a common reaction. Do I keep in touch with him or wait for him to contact me.