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Thread: some doctors have no clue

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    Default some doctors have no clue

    Hello everyone, yeah it's been awhile since I last posted. I have had my ups and downs lately. Been trying to get on disability. I had an appointment with the disability dr today the second one so far... the first one was better then one today well he was an idoit. First off he had no information about me what so ever so he was lost there and then he acted like he didn't know how to do his job and was very confusing for both me and my husband. I was so aggervated when I got finished it was crazy. He says that the disability people are sending me to the wrong type of dr. well I knew that, he didn't have to tell us that. They sent me to a physical therpist. who knows why... Any I think this is going to be pain in my butt to get this completed. He said he would make recomedation that I see another dr. I am so sick of this...

    He says without a proper dignoseis (sp) it makes it hard and then states that he doesn't know why everyone's been telling me I have lupus when I don't look like it. Hmm rash all over me that he could plainly see and was even pointed out to him and needless to say you could see my joint swelling and several other things, I don't know what this idiot was thinking but he needs to go back to medical school...
    SLE Lupus diagnosed 8/8/11
    COPD,Raynauda's, IBS, Asthma, Sleep Apena, Amenia and Arthritis,Diabetes,Reflux TMJ, temporal arteritis
    Half dead, cripple and crazy but still above ground.
    Novolog injections, Medrol injections, MTX injections, Dicyclomine, Plaqulin, Iron, Spreva inhaler, Advair inhaler, Albuteral inhaler, Fish Oil, Calcium, Diclofenac, Citalopram and doxcycline

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    Hi Leeann, it sounds like your doctors have got you into the revolving door. I told my rheumy that I felt like that was what was happening to me. So he promptly sent me to another specialist and back into that revolving door.

    Getting on disability is really hard. They make sure of that. The only advice I can give is to copy every form you fill out and keep them on file. You will fill out the same papers over and over. I see you mention probable RA/lupus. I had to have a definite diagnosis before I could be taken seriously. You need a doctor to go to bat for you, one who knows how really sick you are and is willing to take the time to fill out the papers properly. Oh, and the more visits you make to the doctor, the better. It shows you are sick and constantly seeking help.

    Hope things get easier for you. Do you have one doctor that really believes you and will take the time to help you out? It can be any kind of doctor, primary care or specialist. Filling out all the paperwork for disability is a lot of work for a doctor and they are not compensated well for their time.

    Hope things start getting easier for you.

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    Dang! That stinks Leaann!

    I agree with need a better doctor to help you get through this. You may end up having to get a lawyer to help you. I'm not on disability but I have read posts here and know relatives that had a time getting on disability. A lot of people end up having to get a lawyer to go to bat for them.

    Don't let it stress you out too bad... shake it off sweetie. You can keep trying at this and there are people who can help you fight it.

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    I wish you all the luck with the dissability. I was on dissability a few years before i was diagnosised with lupus and myositis because of 2 back surgeries and i ended up with a cage and 2 pl;ates and 4 screws in my spine. Then i got anopther present lupus, rhuematoid arthritis and myositis. I know that i got it right away because my neurosurgen and my family doctor both got involved. So good luck. Bonita

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