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Thread: Dizzy/Can't Walk a Straight Line

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    LOL you silly girl!

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    Default Vertigo

    I actually got hit with vertigo long before I got my lupus diagnosis (this spring). It started in early June of 2005, and, although the severity has lessened, very few days go by without at least one spell of dizziness. Meclizine (Antivert) has become my friend. It is available without a prescription at most drugstores (HEB had 100 chewable tablets for ~$5). The recommendation is 25-100mg, divided doses. With the chewables, I generally let it dissolve under my tongue for quick absorption and action, and then chew more as needed. Most days, the dizziness is acceptable without treatment, and one tablet usually takes away most of my vertigo on days when it's not acceptable. BTW, meclizine does have a sedative effect, so be careful. (This effect fades after a few weeks of usage.)

    Unfortunately, most doctors don't want to deal with vertigo, and even my rheumatologist doesn't want to believe that the nausea/vertigo/dizziness/headaches/stomach ache has anything to do with my lupus (he seems to want to blame it on "mental problems"). However, the two times I have been completely symptom-free (once on high dose steroids, once on high-dose doxycycline (antibiotic)) seem to indicate to me that the vertigo is definitely caused by some form of chronic, systemic inflammation, whether inner ear, vascular, or something else that the docs don't seem to care about. (As long as my kidneys and liver are functioning and my knee isn't swollen, my "lupus isn't active" - never mind the lack of quality-of-life!) Once the inflammation is controlled, the vertigo clears up (sometimes even some extra Advil on top of my Aleve and aspirin even helps clear it up!), so there's no doubt in my mind that the chronic inflammation that lupus causes can result in a multitude of fun symptoms. (In fact, I believe that this chronic inflammation is the cause of our fatigue, malaise, fibromyalgia, anxiety, lupus fog, etc.)

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