I have been diagnosed with RA for a few years, but now it seems more is going on. My ANA is 1/320 and the doctor is talking about lupus.

Is that level of ANA likely to be lupus? I am actually seeing an MS doctor, who is kindly trying to sort things out for me. My Rheumy took me through all the standard meds and told me I had failed them all.

I always hate it when they say I FAILED a medicine? It seems the other way around to me.

I have horrible pain in my spine, back, abdomen and multiple joints. The fatigue is devastating,I am so weak. They thought I had CA because of multiple enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen.

Does any of this sound like lupus to you? I am not asking for a diagnosis, just what symptoms could be due to lupus.

You all seem so helpful. I have been reading here for a while. i go tomorrow for a lumbar puncture. wish me luck with that.

Thanks for reading, ea