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Thread: what is going on?

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    Default what is going on?

    I havent posted because extensive blood test have revealed that my ana is "not rheumatologically significant" but for the 3rd time my joints are so enflamed that it wakes me up and I have to take pain medicine to go back to sleep. this time its in my fingers and wrists. one of my wrists is swollen at the carpal tunnel significantly. last time it was my knees, wrists and elbows and I just assumed it was steroid withdrawl as I had weened off from 80 mg quite rapidly just a few days before those symptoms. the time before this was right before I went into the hospital my toes and fingers. I dont know what is going on but its complicating my chances of ever getting a diagnosis and therefor pissing me off.

    could this still be steroid withdrawl after 2 weeks? would that come in bouts like this? is it possible to have something "rheumatologically significant" and it not show on the tests?

    I dont know. Ill take my good old neuropathy anyday over this even with the radiculopathy. this new stuff spooks me out.

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    hi ricketyrose.......the prednisone that you have been taking could be the reason that your ANA is not "rheumatically significant". If you go into a flare soon, call your dr. and see if you can come in for blood work. An insignificant ANA could be the result of inactivity of the disease. Good luck, i hope you get some answers very soon.

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