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    So, my new rehumy was a jerk and said upon meeting me that I was crazy for listening to all those other doctors since he is the best. He asked me two questions nad told me I did not have lupus. I was so frustrated. I went back to my other doc who was slow on getting results but never talks down to me or pretends to be God's gift to the Medical World. Anyway, unfortunately I had an insurance crisis and was not seeing her or any other docs for about three months. No meds either. About 9 days ago I came down with definite swine flu after taking care of my sicj daughter and her boyfriend. At the ER on Wednesday they gave me tamaflu. By Saturday I was terribly ill and knew I was having other issues. I went to an urgent care instead of the ER. The doc said that my lungs were clear but suspicious of something else. He did point out that I have a lot of scar tissue in my lungs but the other thing he has never seen before. He was going to consult a specialist. He then said I have thrombocytosis. (Elevated red platelets) He says probably lupus related. I came home on all the things to treat the bronchitis, but there were no meds I have never taken before. Last night these little red swellings appeared on my left leg then my right. They are about fingertip sized. I noticed when I put my long socks on I didn't get anymore. The spots are sore, have no scab or opening, and most of them have now turned purple. What is up with this?

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    Dear KH,
    How frustrating!!! I hope you are starting to feel better, and don't give up hope!!
    Definitely don't go back to the dr who acted all superior... not worth your time. Good catch by the urgent care doctor... maybe he could refer you to a good rheumy?
    I don't have any spots that sound like that, though I do have tons of skin issues... Let us know how things are going, and if you get further answers.

    God Bless!
    God Bless,
    "You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." C.S. Lewis

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    hi KH, so sorry that you have been feeling badly, i hope you are doing better today. I am continuously amazed at how insensitive so many of these "specialists" are. Don't ever cross his doorway again, being the best at anything does not justify being an arrogant jerk. I occassionally get sores, and they will seem to come in clusters (affect only one body part). They do not hurt, and they do not get scabs, then they go away. I have no answers, just another "head scratcher" in the life of us lupies.

    share a smile today

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