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    I never really put all my symptoms together or even thought they could really be related but since there are some things in my family, like my cousin having lupus, my grandma had diabetes etc, my mom has been urging me for awhile to check ask the dr. Most of my symptoms have been going on for at least a couple years if not longer, hard to remember when they started.

    Fatigue. I'm tired all the time no matter how much sleep I get. Discomfort in my (mostly) upper back that goes into my ribs(usually right) I just had a u/s on that to check my gall bladder etc. and the results came back normal..headaches, nausea-comes and goes, bruise easily, shortness of breath and faintness. Some chest pain-off and on, I had a cardio u/s done awhile ago which appeared to be normal as well. Every now and than my legs will start cramping so bad it would send me to the Er(I take birth control) so I want to make sure I'm ok(aunt has a blood clotting disorder) but all they say is low potassium. I have the "butterfly"(don't want to be quick to call it that) rash that goes out onto my checks, it's faint but it's there. Most recent has jaw pain(could be due to a cavity though and the fact that I recently started clinching my jaw). This is pretty much the jist of it besides a couple others that might pop up here and there or I may not really give notice too. Could all of this really be related to each other? I figured it was the normal body aches and pains and I feel silly going to the Dr with a big ole list like this. Just wanted some thoughts. Thanks. I forgot to add(sorry so long) that whenever I eat something real sugary my face also gets tingly and cold. Sorry, I also forgot to add that my left knee gets sore pretty easily. Again thanks. Wow seems like a lot of things going on.
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