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Thread: Foot pain

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    I have always had problems with my feet hurting after being on them for a long time. Shopping trips always ended in me feeling like I was walking on rocks. Over the past year the pain has become a nearly constant companion. If I sit down for any length of time I have a hard time walking without limping at least until I get the blood flowing into the area. Getting up out of bed is a much slower process. Being on my feet for a long time will now end up in swollen soles, and severe pain for days. It doesn't matter what kind of shoe I wear, but, if I do walk through the pain I really need padding, so I usually wear my slippers around the house.

    The way it has progressed this past year scares me when I think of it continuing to progress.

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    Wow, why didn't I see this thread before?

    What is wrong with our feet?????

    Mine have been in pain since around '05 and it's just getting worse. Doesn't matter what kind of shoes I wear either. Mine hurt the more I use them and it's never let break from it yet after all these years. No meds I've been on yet have helped. I want my feet back so bad!

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