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    Default OT: Low Oxygen Saturation

    I'm hoping to gain some insight in to my DH's recent sleep study. He's 49, never smoked, not overweight.

    Sleep study done due to exhaustion. Finger oximeter at home prompted referral to sleep center. His oxygen sat rate is low and I don't know what the cause might be. He had a cardiac stent placed 5 years ago due to family history of coronary arterial disease (and the ex from h*ll that didn't realize that cooking meals is part of being a "housewife"--entirely different subject--sorry to digress); no history of asthma/COPD.

    CPAP used during part of the study showed improvement in periodic limb movement (rated severe as >5 per hour is abnormal and he had 60-without CPAP) and respiratory disturbance index (>5 per hour abnormal and he had 90 without CPAP), but didn't put the values in the normal range.

    And yes, I've been struck (punched) in the face a few times while sleeping and he's oblivious to his actions (not a violent guy in the least so I know he'd never intentionally hurt me). Now that we know he's got sleep issues, I understand why that's happened.

    Oxygen was delivered to our home for use while sleeping, but not sure why exactly why just oxygen and not a CPAP as well????

    What could cause low oxygen saturation in an otherwise healthy man?

    By the way, he does not have obstructive sleep apnea, according to the test results.
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