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Thread: tell me more about hormones as a trigger

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    Default tell me more about hormones as a trigger

    wow i have been thinking back to all the things I have gone to the doctor for over the years and mysterious undiagnosed or spontanious crap can date back to the onset of puberty. i had petite mal siezures at 12. I had this really strong dream like de ja vu and then after I would get nauseas and it would trigger a gag reflex. the docs diagnosed me but they disappeared one year later. In my teens I had really bad periods I would stay home one day a month. I think I even had pleurisy at 19. I could not breath out bacause of the pain in my lungs the doctors just said that I had an infection and the pain was radiating into my lungs. I could go on but my point is that potential symptoms could be traced back to the onset of puberty even though I just barely had a possitive ANA at 35. maybe I am drawing lines that dont exist.

    So I here that if I can make it to menopause then things could get better afterward is that true?

    I just think its interesting how my periods are the worst time for me. I am scared this month becasue I am so enflamed right now and so I am afraid to see how bad it gets next week when I get my period. id better batten down the hatches.

    what do you do to keep your period in check. can doctors prescribe stuff to calm your hormones?

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    There are many, many of us who have traced our Lupus symptoms back to puberty and/or adolescence. So, you are not alone there and you are, probably, absolutely correct in drawing these correlations.

    Unfortunately, it is quite common for menstruation to cause a flare-up of Lupus symptoms. In fact, all rheumatic diseases are clinically influenced by menstruation. I don't know if there is a specific Lupus treatment for menstrual problems. Usually, treatment for the underlying disease helps to resolve some of the menstruation issues, but not always. As far as menopause, the disease, itself, can sometimes cause early menopause. As such, the flare-ups due to menstruation cease. However, flare-ups due to other triggers does not cease.
    I hope that things get better for you. It is good that you are keeping track of your symptoms, this will help you and your doctor to make informed decisions.

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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