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Thank for the laughs. I have done so many stupid things. Have put the coffee in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard. Putting the washing machine on and not putting the washing liquid in and even not putting the washing in. Have to laugh at myself. Although some days i do cry. I can relate to so many of these stories. If nothing else reading other peoples makes me feel so much better to realize that you are not alone in the daft things i do when i remember to do things. Keep posting these stories. Reading them makes me feel a little more normal. Thats if i remember to come back. lol
Sue -
Last year I went to the laundry mat, loaded 5 washers in a row, added all the coins in the slots, went down the row and added the soap, put them all on, came back in 25 mins and put 4 loads of clean wet wash in the dryers, didn't load the 5th b/c I saw it wasn't yet washed and forgot it was mine, came back 40 mins later, folded all the clothes and just as I finish the owner sees a load in that forgotten washer and says "Is this yours too?". d'oH! Thankfully that laundrymat is around the corner and not out of my way and I just did that load then!