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Thread: Home remedies for pain?????

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    Default Home remedies for pain?????

    Does anyone have any home remedies to help with pain. I have pain meds and meds for the nerve pain but they only do so much. Plus they make me sleepy. I have two bulging discs in the middle of my back. Then i get these shooting pains up and down my arms which never seems to go away. And i get shooting pains in my righy leg. Sometimes it gets so bad that i just want to scream. Not my right knee is going out on me. Its hard to walk. I see my rheumatologist on Wednesday and I'm going to see if she knows what's wrong. What frustrates me the most is my rheumatologist tells me to see my primary doc or my pain doc for the pain. Then when I go to them they tell me to go to my rheumatologist. I can't win. I'm just so tired of the pain.

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    Hi JCole:
    I know exactly what you mean by your doctor's pawning you off to each other. It might be helpful for you to make your Rheumatologist aware of the fact that, since your primary continues contribute your pain to your disease, he refuses to treat the pain. So, therefore, since the rheumatologist is the one who treats your disease, he MUST treat your pain. You refuse to be bounced around any longer!!
    With reference to home remedies for pain, it is very important for you to know that many supplements and/or herbal medications actually worsen the symptoms of our disease. So, unfortunately, we must avoid almost ALL of them!! Some have said that Omega 3 Fish oil helps with pain and inflammation and there have been quite a few studies about the use of Fish Oils with Lupus. Please remember that you must never stop taking your prescribed medications without the consent of and monitoring by your doctors.
    For alternatives to pain management that does not include drugs or supplements, many have turned to acupuncture. Others have had some success with chiropractors. Also non-jarring exercises have been touted as helping to manage pain. These would be similar to those used in rehabilitation and/or yoga. Similar to yoga is relaxation therapy (I actually use this when my Fibro is acting up). Often, I find that it helps me to calm my body and to release some tension (which aggravates my pain) and, subsequently, reduces some of my pain.
    Perhaps someone will be along with more information for you, but hopefully I've helped you a bit. I wish you the best and hope that you do find some relief from your pain.

    Peace and Blessings
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