After several trips to the Dr, I am still undiagnosed. Please help!

I am a 36yo female. Main problems started about1 1/2 yrs ago. I have had back problems all my life. Neck issues started about 10 yrs ago, off & on, thought to have been from whiplash. Last year I went to the Dr. after the neck pain got so bad I couldn't hardly function. I was also having problems swallowing that had been going on for about 2 months or so. Then all the fun began....

Here are some of the things I have been diagnosed with or have problems with:

Large calcified nodule on right side of thyroid.
Dysphagia (trouble swallowing--Dr says it has nothing to do w/nodule)
Swollen submandibular gland
Cyst under tongue
Had a circle rash on face that itched like crazy, gone now
Trouble retaining urine at times (have to PUSH) Doing better tho right now
Petichia across chest plus one huge patch
Fibroid cysts filling both breasts
Breast pain and swelling that lasts for weeks sometimes
Periods of diarreha
Bartholin cyst (in groin) had to drained for 1 week
Cysts on ovaries & uterus that were drained
Left foot has a knot on it (top) and my foot is aching on the outside, to the heel, up the back of my foot (tendonitis?)
Tinittus in ear, periodically
RLS, mainly in L leg, can be in both
Right leg sometimes doesn't want to work, I stub my toe alot when it's acting up. It's like it forgot how to walk.
Raynaud's (I think) My arms & hands get purple with bright orange dots when I'm cold. I am ALWAYS cold, esp my hands & feet!
Bad teeth...enamel is being eaten away at the gumline, & they are breaking all the time
A general all-over body ache. My body is just sore and tired! Feel like I'm 90!

My doc has tested me for lupus and myasthenia gravis...both of which came back negative. I've been told lupus can be a false negative tho? It does seem as tho when I'm stressed, I have more physical problems/pains.

Seems like there are things I'm forgetting...but this is a start! Any help or direction would be very appreciated!!