hi ppl,
i'm glad i've joined this support group so i can finally discuss wut i feel with others
i'll be 17 in october and i was diagnosed a year ago with lupus nephritis and i'm on prednisone (5 mg/day) and Cellcept (1500mg/day) and some supplements to reduce side-effects.
wut bothers me most is the weight i have gained since i guess i got the disease, before i was actually diagnosed.
i have cushing's syndrome and terrible fat by my waist and my clothes dont fit anymore!!
i tried dieting many times to lose this extra weight but to no avail and i dont know wut to do!! i'm nearly overweight and i feel bad
i wonder if it is the steroids i'm on which might be the cause but i've been on a low dose for months so shouldnt i be losing the extra weight by now??? plzz help if anyone has the same problem as me