I have a tremendous amount of pain in my back and rib cage, right hand side. Back pain is right side of spine right above waste line, lower rib cage directly in front of back pain. It hurts worse when I lay down, kept me awake all night. Started easing around 4am, but only enough for quick dozes. I had to sit sideways on couch with back straight and legs out in front all night for minimum relief. Hurt so bad I thought I might puke a few times. I've had back pain and rib cage pain, but never this bad and at the same time.

I took motrin, used heating pad, ice and muscle rub, no relief. Nothing touched it. Each hour it is getting a bit better, but not fully and wondering if I'll have a repeat again. I've had no sleep, the dozes were only a few minutes here and there from exhaustion. I'm at my wits end and frazzled. I am so sleepy and kids to get to school and a 3yr old who will be up soon energized and ready to go. Thankfully I have no day-care kids today, I run a home child care.

What to do? Call doc? My luck it will be gone and nothing to show. Not that I want pain, but watched the clock all night tic by waiting for 9am. Now its after 7am and I feel improvement (though not much) and wondering if I should bother.

Anyone have any idea what this is and how to relieve? So tired, pain and wanting relief.

Thanks in advance...........CV